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Enjoy private language courses designed just for you

Everyone learns a language for unique and personal reasons.

So, shouldn’t the way you learn a language also be tailored uniquely to you too?

At Language for Life and Business, we believe every language learner is unique. Your personal goals are our priority and our flexibility allows your new language learning to fit seamlessly into your everyday life.

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Learn a language your way

We believe that languages are learned best through engaging, relevant and fun courses with passionate, native speakers.

That means up-to-date, engaging materials and fun conversations with friendly tutors.

That means clear, enjoyable lessons always focussed on achieving your unique goals.

That means learning one-to-one with a tutor who’s dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals.

We’re a language school in London focussed solely on helping you to achieve your language ambitions.

And it all begins with your online free trial lesson.

Our promise to you

Start speaking a new language from your first lesson.
Set personal goals and achieve them with courses tailored to you.
Progress quickly with clear and stimulating content.
Enjoy patient, friendly teachers driven by your success.
Benefit from flexible schedules that fit around your own.
Learn a language online wherever suits you.

Discover your next language

Dive in a rich culture and history with Italian.

Unlock the roots of Europe with Greek.

Indulge in style and romanticism with French.

Gain access to diverse countries with Spanish.

Access the world of precision with German.

Explore a unique kind of beauty with Japanese.

Go from antiquity to modern business with Mandarin.

We are proud to be the first language school in London to offer:

Stress-free Direct Debit payments, with no upfront fees or registration costs.
An innovative online portal that makes booking lessons quick and easy.
A free, no obligation trial lesson on us.

Begin learning a language with a free trial lesson. No obligation, just a great lesson on us.

Then choose the flexible payment plan that suits you and your goals.

Flexible rescheduling policy.

No registration fees. No hidden costs.

No contracts. Ever.

And you can pay with total ease via Direct Debit.

Everything gets managed through your easy-to-use Online portal.

Focus on learning a new language, not organising lessons.

Make learning a language a part of your life and business, and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

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