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How you’ll learn a language

Yes, we tailor our language learning for each student according to what they want to achieve. Our patient, professional teachers in London make learning a language relevant to how you’ll actually use it. Through enjoyable one-to-one or small group lessons on flexible daily or weekly schedules, you’ll achieve fluency in your personal language goals within your given timeframe, however tight it may be!

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Yes, your unique needs are our first priority. Your lessons will simulate real-life scenarios so you can develop speaking and listening skills in the ways you want to use them. Whether you want to speak fluently, or just fluently enough for a particular scenario, we tailor your language lessons to reflect your language goals. We focus on your chosen language’s flow and any accents relevant to where you’ll speak it so you’ll understand everyone you meet. Customised dialogues introduce colloquialisms and common expressions you’ll encounter when interacting with native speakers allowing you to converse like a local!

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Most of our learners lead busy lives, so our language lessons are designed to fit flexibly around your schedule. Our professional teachers follow tailored methods that are designed for you to learn effectively during the lesson without impinging on your private time. Whatever time you have, we’ll tailor your lessons effectively so you can learn a language.

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Most of us only know our mother tongue and only a few actually understand the grammar of that language, let alone another one! But we all successfully use grammar every day and that’s because we learned grammar as children through practice not textbooks. Our lessons reflect this way of learning through conversation, scenarios based on relevant contexts and enjoyable interactions. This means our adult language learners can satisfy their goals of communicating in real-life situations with confidence and not get in a needless tangle over grammar.

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No way, you’re never too old to learn something new! The truth is that every adult learner is unique in their abilities and interests and the key is to find your particular learning-style. Our London-based teachers then adapt to your needs and focus on how to keep you motivated as you learn a language based around your interests and goals, not your age.

Of course, there are so many ways to learn a new vocabulary. Our approach to language learning is to introduce new vocabulary within contexts relevant to your needs and words you already know. Your new language vocabulary will build up quickly, so you’ll be speaking your new language confidently in no time!

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Understanding the natural flow of a language and its many accents is the most demanding part of learning a new language. That’s why our language teachers make it the primary focus of your lessons. Other language schools use listening tapes that present the language in an artificial manner but we use authentic and realistic listening material with every learner. From total beginners to advanced language learners, your lessons will focus on how you can learn a language in its everyday and colloquial forms.

How to talk like a local

That is exactly what you’ll learn with us. Our learners are not interested in taking an academic approach. Instead, you’ll learn language basics in concise and accessible ways while focussing on your personal aims. The primary focus as you learn a language is aiming towards speaking fluently so you can use it with ease and confidence. Our professional teachers will encourage you to become an intuitive speaker, able to detect what sounds correct and ‘feels’ right, rather than being able to recite the dictionary!

Learn a language your way

What our courses offer you

Yes (and we are the first school that does!)

In your trial language lesson, you’ll get the chance to meet and speak with our professional teachers in London and discover how enjoyable learning a language can be. We are confident about the quality of our service, the unique effectiveness of our methods, and the passion and expertise of our professional language teachers. After your free trial lesson, you can proceed with your lessons in whatever way suits you and your language goals. No pressure, no obligation and no upfront fees just a genuinely free trial lesson.

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Simply email or call us and let us know the language you wish to learn, your aims and your timeframe.

We’ll discuss your needs and language goals and you’ll start by enjoying a free trial lesson with a professional teacher hand-picked by us. You’ll pay no upfront or registration fees and you can choose to have your first lesson wherever and whenever suits you. After that first lesson, managing your lessons through the online portal and paying by direct debit are just two more ways that we make it easy to start learning a language.

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You can choose the right monthly plan for you and arrange with your tutor your future lessons.

If you want to monitor your lessons yourself, simply choose the right monthly plan for you on your online portal. When you buy new lessons, they will appear as credits on your account. You use these credits to book your next lessons on our online schedule that syncs with your personal one. When booking a lesson, you request a time and location for your lesson, which is then confirmed by your tutor. Students usually arrange their lessons’ time and place with their tutor in person. Choosing direct debit payment will automatically add new credits on your account every month. Credits never expire so you can use them later as well. On the online portal you can also monitor the language lessons you’ve done, ones you’ve booked and available credits to use for booking more.

And remember, you’ll pay no registration fees with us, ever. What you pay for is your language lessons, not our admin.

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Our experience tells us 1.5 hour lessons makes the most productive learning environments. Shorter lessons don’t cover enough material to learn a language effectively and cost more. Longer lessons are difficult to maintain effective concentration so don’t support the most efficient way to learn a language. But we’re flexible, so if you think a different length of lesson will suit you, we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

You can learn a language at home, in your workplace, in a suitable public place (such as in a library or a quiet café), or at your language tutor’s home. Get in touch with us to discuss where you’ll learn a language best.

Of course, language learning needn’t stop while you travel. Skype lessons can be very productive, allow you to maintain a regularity of learning and are a great alternative if you’re an adult language learner on-the-move.

You’ll can view your language lessons through your online portal. In your lessons or by contacting us, you can organise your next lessons with your teacher and then book the right slot in your online portal. We’ve found this is the best system that helps you focus on learning a language not organising your schedule.

You can cancel a lesson through our online portal or by contacting your language tutor up to 12 hours before your language lesson is scheduled to start. At 12 hours before your lesson, your lesson’s credit is automatically charged and can’t then be refunded. You can still reschedule your lesson within the same week if your tutor’s availability allows it.  

There is no need to buy any study materials in advance as we provide everything you’ll need. As our lessons aren’t based on standard language textbooks, your language teacher will personally send you all the files and resources you will need for your lessons. If you already have language books you’re using, show them to your teacher and they’ll see how to include them in your lessons.

Absolutely, recording lessons is very helpful for revision and making language learning part of your everyday life. Any approach or tool that will help your learning process can be discussed with your language teacher. This is your language learning, so we’ll do our best to tailor the lessons to fit your needs.

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