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If you’re a native speaker with a passion for your language and culture, we want to hear from you.

Our kind of language tutors

If this sounds like you, Language for Life and Business wants to hear from you. We are a London language school that offers valuable experiences to tutors and learners alike. And we’re always looking for new language tutors, just like you.

Flexible timetables and home-based lessons with patient, open-minded and expert language tutors: we aim to create a sense of ease and fluency in every aspect of the language learning process.

Language for Life and Business offers mature students a chance to learn the language they’ll actually use by learning it from a native speaker. We provide enjoyable and engaging lessons based on conversation, not old-school textbooks.

We want tutors who can motivate and guide learners to achieving their unique and personal goals. 

If this sounds like you, 

Work with Language for Life and Business

You are invited to a whole new experience in language teaching. It’s time to move beyond out-dated, old-school teaching methods and become a language tutor that brings real-life expertise and useful value to your mature students.

All our language learners are adults. They come to us primarily to learn to speak confidently with native speakers in real-life situations, not just to achieve certificates. Some arrive as beginners looking for the basics to get by on holiday, others almost speak fluently and need to learn specific vocabulary. Whoever they are, every language learner comes with their own unique personal motivations and language goals.

The priority of everyone at Language for Life and Business, from language tutor to administrator, is to facilitate language learners to achieve, or exceed, their personal goals. Your lessons are the primary vehicle for their success, so each lesson you deliver will be tailored to reflect the unique needs and aspirations of that student.

Every aspect of a language learner’s experience with us should be designed to benefit their learning. Our language tutors are expected to use relevant, real-life and up-to-date material, provide a clear focus for each lesson, and show the patience and expertise to adjust the pace and approach of a lesson to optimise the learning environment. Your wide-ranging experience of your mother tongue will foster an important trust with the learner, as you offer them more than simply words on a page by bringing context to their language learning.

Each lesson will fit within a pre-designed but flexible learning plan. This plan is designed for each student by their language tutors (that’s you) and every student must have one. It is a guide that helps each learner understand their journey towards their language goals and gives them a clear sense of how they will progress lesson-by-lesson.

Each learning plan is customised around a language learner’s background, strengths and weaknesses, and goals. It is adaptable, responding to the progress the student makes during the lesson and any needs that arise. By personalising language learning in this way, our language tutors can surpass the rigid modes of standardised teaching and offer a more effective, well-rounded and enjoyable approach to learning a language.

Read language learners’ stories to see the difference you could make

As a school, we are not just here to deliver but also to listen. Feedback from students and our language tutors helps us to develop and provide better language learning experiences. We value your opinion and hope to learn from you too.                         

As a language tutor with Language for Life and Business, you will hone your teaching in one-to-one environments, working with determined mature students while learning the benefits of our innovative language teaching methodology.

Ready to start teaching?

A bit about you

Our language tutors are hand-picked by us. This enables us to match our teachers and students effectively and optimise language learning. Here’s what we look for in our language tutors:

Language for Life and Business values diversity. We want passionate, knowledgeable, informed language tutors who can bring enthusiasm and passion to our learners. If this sounds like you, get in touch today.

We’re also always looking for new opportunities to add more languages for our learners. So, even if you don’t see your language on our list, we still want to hear from you.

How to become a Language for Life and Business tutor

Apply through the following online platform or email us directly. Include your professional CV and a short statement outlining your availability and your aspirations as a language tutor.

As we value highly skills that cannot be expressed in a written application, we also interview every prospective language tutor meeting our criteria. More details about this process, our students and methods will be given to candidates during the interview.

We hope to welcome you very soon as a language tutor for Language for Life and Business.