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Traditional language schools

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follow standardised textbooks with unnecessary details and irrelevant dialogues
Lessons are based on relevant interactions with passionate language tutors
teach you through theory, offering little speaking practice
You’ll learn to speak with confidence through engaging practice
only train students to gain certificates and pass exams
You’ll learn a language exactly as you’ll use it in real life
expect students to do further study during their private study
You won’t need to study outside of lessons
use listening tapes with an unrealistic, artificial language
You’ll understand real spoken language by listening to engaging, relevant and interactive material
expect you to learn rote grammar and word lists by heart
You’ll learn only the grammar you’ll actually use
move slowly, obsessing about every little detail, relevant or not
You'll develop your intuition to speak, hear and understand a language with confidence
teach a static and sterile language ‘by the book’
You’ll learn a language true to real-life and business: dynamic, flexible and fun

It’s not just the lessons that are better…

ask you to pay for your lessons in big blocks, whether you can attend or not
you can choose one of our flexible plans and helpful payment methods, including direct debit
often require a registration fee or charge you upfront before you’ve even started your lessons
you get a free trial lesson and pay nothing upfront
give limited or no access to your lessons’ plans or bookings
you have access to all you need through our innovative online portal
often have fixed, inflexible schedules
your language lessons are organised to fit into your life with your tutors
hire teachers based solely on qualifications
your tutors are qualified, passionate, knowledgeable, patient and fun
have too many students to offer personal attention
you learn one-to-one or in small groups, whatever helps you to best learn a language


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What our students say

"A friend introduced me to Language for Life & Business, and I was impressed with how quickly they ascertained my level of knowledge. The lessons are varied, enjoyable, informative and (most importantly) tailored to my exact needs. I have no hesitation in recommending LL&B to others who are keen to develop their language skills."
Sarah Callan
"The grammar information sheets have been devised in a very clever way, with utmost clarity, to make complications as straightforward as possible. For the first time I have found a method that works for me and the language 'lightbulb' has finally switched on, without even a flicker, after just the first few lessons. Finally, I am getting somewhere in my language ambition!"
Carole Dawson Young
"My teacher was patient, thorough, and imaginative with a great sense of humour and a real passion for his subject. I felt supported when I was struggling but I also had real fun. He was flexible and accommodating as well as being very organised: the lessons were always structured but with space to explore and be spontaneous to discuss culture or role play conversations."
Ashley Horsley