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Learn more about your new language

Dive in a rich culture and history with Italian.

Unlock the roots of Europe with Greek.

Indulge in style and romanticism with French.

Gain access to diverse countries with Spanish.

Access the world of precision with German.

Explore a unique kind of beauty with Japanese.

Go from antiquity to modern business with Mandarin.

How to learn a language your way

Language for Life and Business offers you the chance to learn a language in the way that suits you best.

Our knowledgeable and patient professional tutors work with you one-to-one to achieve your personal language goals. Your lessons will focus on how you’ll use the language in real life so you’ll only learn what will be useful.

Every engaging lesson goes far beyond dull grammar or old textbook exercises. As passionate native speakers, we reveal the culture behind the words through up-to-date, interactive materials.

With Language for Life and Business, you’ll be speaking your chosen language with fluent confidence in no time.

Achieve your personal language goals, not just gain standardised certificates.

Speak a new language from your first lesson

You’ll start speaking from your first lesson.

Language is all about communication, so for you to learn effectively we use a method that gives you the tools and knowledge to communicate with a sense of fluency from the very start. Needless grammar, convoluted rules and complicated jargon have no place in our enjoyable, interactive and stimulating lessons.

In your home, workplace or wherever suits you, your friendly, knowledgeable tutor will transport you to an Italian plaza or a Greek restaurant through enjoyable, real-life conversations.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you gain confidence to strike up conversations that open whole new worlds of possibility.

Enjoy one-to-one lessons with your tutor wherever you are.
Learn in a more focused mood at the convenience of your space (whatever you are doing before or after!)
Benefit from a unique learning experience with online shared material and interactive tools.
Stay flexible with no cancelation fees and reschedule easily.
Avoid tutor's travel fees and get a more than 20% discount.
Do more lessons of 75' instead of 1.5h and progress faster.

Don’t change your life to learn a language

Learning a language should be an enjoyable part of your life, not a chore or a disruption in your busy life.

With Language for Life and Business, you learn whenever and wherever you want. With our innovative Online Portal, adaptable and professional tutors, and the opportunity to learn one-to-one in your own home, your language learning is designed to fit seamlessly around your everyday life.

We adapt our teaching methods, materials and schedules so language learning can become a pleasurable habit and a part of your week that you genuinely look forward to.

Professional tutors create effective results

Our tutors are passionate, experienced and highly qualified.

As native speakers, they are committed to helping you achieve your language goals in your own way and at your own pace. We value patience, adaptability and friendliness in our tutors so you can feel at ease as you enjoy learning a language.

Whether you’re a total beginner or a near fluent speaker looking for specific vocabulary, Language for Life and Business’s professional tutors will patiently lead you step-by-step and lesson-by-lesson. You’ll love how we look to go the extra mile to help you learn about a language and its culture, not just its words and rules.

Language for your life and your business

Globe with language aims

Your language goals are unique; so is our approach to helping you achieve them.

Every part of our London language school has been created to fit around you, your learning style and your life.

Here, you can truly learn a language for your life and your business.

What our students say

"A friend introduced me to Language for Life & Business, and I was impressed with how quickly they ascertained my level of knowledge. The lessons are varied, enjoyable, informative and (most importantly) tailored to my exact needs. I have no hesitation in recommending LL&B to others who are keen to develop their language skills."
Sarah Callan
"The grammar information sheets have been devised in a very clever way, with utmost clarity, to make complications as straightforward as possible. For the first time I have found a method that works for me and the language 'lightbulb' has finally switched on, without even a flicker, after just the first few lessons. Finally, I am getting somewhere in my language ambition!"
Carole Dawson Young
"My teacher was patient, thorough, and imaginative with a great sense of humour and a real passion for his subject. I felt supported when I was struggling but I also had real fun. He was flexible and accommodating as well as being very organised: the lessons were always structured but with space to explore and be spontaneous to discuss culture or role play conversations."
Ashley Horsley