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Do you crave a new kind of French experience?

Do you picture yourself strolling along a boulevard in Paris or picking up delicious, warm croissants from your local boulangerie in rural France? Stop daydreaming and start enjoying your next holiday or new life on the continent.

Upgrade your next French holiday, or lay the foundations for your new home in France, by taking French lessons in London and discover a new kind of France: the one known only to the locals.

Does your ambition stretch all the way over the channel? Open up new business opportunities by mastering the French language.   

Or is your motivation to embrace the langue d’amour to deepen relationships with loved ones or just woo a new special beau or belle? Whoever you’d learn French for, take the first step towards discovering their world.

Whatever your reason for learning, enjoy indulging in the richness of the French culture from day one. From fashion to food, literature to love, open your eyes to all France has to offer with French lessons in London.

Great Reasons to Learn French

Rediscover France by revealing the treasures only the locals know about on your next holiday.
Access the rich French culture first-hand. From film and food to fashion and philosophy, indulge without translation.
Unlock new communities wherever you travel with four times as many French speakers worldwide as French people!
Take your business further and find your perfect Parisian partners or open a new branch in France.
Enjoy a head start in a language already woven into our everyday lives and improve your English too.
Get the keys to your new life in France by mastering the language next-door.

Learn French with Language for Life and Business

Discover the beauty of the French language through engaging and enjoyable lessons with our patient, hand-picked tutors – nothing those dull French lessons you took at school. One-to-one lessons fit around your busy schedule and let you learn at home, at work or wherever suits you best.

Whatever your reason for learning French, Language for Life and Business will give you the language to unlock a new world.


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What our students say

"Language for Life and Business provided me with one of the best tutors. I have learnt so much in such a short time; lessons are always enjoyable, dynamic and fun. Definitely worth anyone looking to pick up a language in a fun, social setting."
Stephanie Demetriou
"My teacher was patient, thorough, and imaginative with a great sense of humour and a real passion for his subject. I felt supported when I was struggling but I also had real fun.  He was flexible and accommodating as well as being very organised: the lessons were always structured but with space to explore and be spontaneous to discuss culture or role play conversations."
Ashley Horsley
"For the first time I have found a method that works for me and the language 'lightbulb' has finally switched on, without even a flicker, after just the first few lessons.”
Carole Young

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Why choose Language for Life and Business?

There are many language schools in London, but none are quite like us.

We believe in helping you learn a language as you’ll use it in real-life.

Whether you are looking to chat confidently to the waiter on a café’s terrace in Paris or converse more freely with French friends and family, we’ll help you learn the language you’ll actually use.

  • Enjoy one-to-one lessons with patient, native-speaking French tutors.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your office.
  • Benefit from up-to-date, relevant materials drawn from real-life French language sources - no more boring textbooks!
  • Learn French through real-life conversations and contexts, so the language you learn is the language you’ll use.
  • Enjoy a personalised learning plan designed to help you achieve your unique language goals.
  • Make French a valued part of your life and see how it opens new worlds of possibility!

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“A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language.”
Gaston Bachelard