German Private Lessons

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Want a schnell und effektiv way to learn German?

Whether you’re looking for an efficient route to your dream job in Deutschland or wanting to spend your summer holidays in the most modisch hot spots of Berlin, German lessons can turn those wishes into realities sooner rather than later.

To connect with German loved ones, relatives, friends or future neighbours, you need to gain confidence in conversation and an experience of everyday German language and culture.

Learning through real-life conversations and lessons precisely designed to fit your personal goals, we help you to deepen the relationships that matter most from day one.

Whether you want to learn German for business, life or pleasure, our friendly tutors will help you to learn exactly the language you need.

Open new doors on your future with German lessons in London.


Correct. Our tutor will come to your home, office or meet you online for a trial on us.

  • We will contact you on your phone to avoid getting our email lost.
  • We never sell or share your information with anyone else.
  • We will never contact you for anything not related to your lessons.

Why choose Language for Life and Business?

There are many language schools in London, but none are quite like us.

We believe in helping you learn a language as you’ll use it in real-life.

That’s why we focus on building your confidence through real-life conversations with native-speaking German tutors, so you’ll be ready with the antwort to any problem.

  • Enjoy one-to-one lessons with knowledgeable, native-speaking German tutors.
  • Option 1: Learn in-person in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your office.
  • Option 2: Meet your tutor online wherever you are.
  • Enjoy a personalised learning plan designed to help you achieve your unique German language goals.
  • Benefit from up-to-date, relevant materials drawn from real-life German language sources – no boring textbooks!
  • Learn German through real-life conversations and contexts, so the language you learn is the language you’ll use.

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Great reasons for learning German

Get your next job in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg by mastering the precise language of German business.
Imagine your new life in Germany, then get the German language skills to start living it.
Impress yourself with how much German you already know – English and German languages are full of similarities.
Discover some of Europe’s most stunning countryside, coolest cities and biggest beers!
Dive into Germany’s vibrant cultural scene – from Bach and Beethoven to the underground live art of modern Berlin.
Develop deeper relationships with German loved ones through the most important language of all: theirs.

German classes with Language for Life and Business

Discover the German language through clear and effective lessons with our friendly and knowledgeable tutors in London.

Whether you’re learning for business or pleasure, your one-to-one lessons will fit around your busy schedule and allow you to learn at home, at work or online.

Language for Life and Business personalises your entire learning experience so you’ll learn the German that’s right for you and your individual language goals.

Learning through real-life conversations means you’ll get a precise grasp of German quickly and gain the confidence to speak from the first lesson.

Go for Skype Lessons Online

Enjoy one-to-one lessons with your tutor wherever you are.
Learn in a more focused mood at the convenience of your space (whatever you are doing before or after!)
Benefit from a unique learning experience with online shared material and interactive tools.
Stay flexible with no cancelation fees and reschedule easily.
Avoid tutor's travel fees and get a more than 20% discount.
Do more lessons of 75' instead of 1.5h and progress faster.

What our students say

"I’m so pleased to have found Language for Life and Business. The lessons are both well-structured and enjoyable so I was able to move onto the next level of my learning and make progress quickly. 100% recommend!”
Jayne Quinton
"Language for Life and Business is a really good online school for learning a foreign language. They assessed very quickly where the gaps in my knowledge were and structured my lessons to meet my needs, flexibly according to how much homework I have been able to do since the last lesson and delivered always with great humour. A great system, a great teacher."
Roger Blears
"The grammar information sheets have been devised in a very clever way, with utmost clarity, to make complications as straightforward as possible. Finally, I am getting somewhere in my language ambition!"
Carole Dawson Young

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  • We’ll get in touch with you to learn more about you and why you want to learn German.
  • You’ll be assigned a hand-picked tutor that’ll help you to achieve your ambitions.
  • Enjoy your complimentary (yes, that’s free) first one-to one lesson with your tutor and discover just how enjoyable learning can be!
  • Your lessons will follow a personalised learning plan carefully designed just for you.
  • Learn German efficiently through conversation and be speaking with confidence in no time.
“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.”
Johan Wolfgang Van Goethe