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We created a new kind of language school exclusively for adult learners like you. Your average language school prepares students for exams and certificates teaching a sterile language through irrelevant material and childish textbooks. That’s not what you get with us.

We know you wish to learn conversational Greek to communicate with your loved ones, to experience a new kind of Mediterranean holiday and to discover Greece as a local. Our one-to-one Greek language lessons are designed just for that. 

What’s more, you enjoy total flexibility learning online at the time and days of your choice. Pay per lesson or pay monthly without contracts. There are no upfront payments, no registration fees and no hidden costs.

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Nobody wishes to go back to school.

Good news is that grammar jargon, word lists, boring exercises and childish textbooks are not the best way to learn Greek or any language effectively.

We believe every language learner is unique. Our teaching method is designed to adapt to your individual learning style by adopting what helps you learn, investing in your strengths and finding ways around barriers. You’ll learn Greek grammar and vocabulary in relevant context that’s tailored to your language goals and role-play real-life scenarios that will build your speaking confidence in the relaxed and exclusive environment of a one-to-one lesson.

There’s no need to purchase any materials since our professional tutors never follow a single textbook. Our personalised Greek language courses use stimulating content from diverse and up-to-date resources while providing you with personally developed files for your needs. Your tutor’s files will present simplified grammar in a clear and straightforward way and customised dialogues will introduce you to modern Greek vocabulary in its actual practice.

What’s more, learning will not be based on your private-time homework. You will learn and progress during the lesson through speaking and listening exercises that your committed tutor will tailor for your level, learning style and language ambitions.

With us you learn Greek as you’ll use it real life.

3 Language learning myths we prove wrong

Is Greek difficult?

Academic Greek might be. With us you’ll learn the language of today's Greece and develop strong speaking and listening skills to communicate confidently with native speakers, not Homer.

Are adult learners slower?

Every language learner has a unique learning style which does grow more individual over time. A talented and dedicated tutor can discover it and unlock your unique way to learn fast and easily with our adaptable method.

Is strong memory important?

Memory is not the way you learn a language; interest and practice is. Our brain is programmed to retain what matters. An engaging and fun lesson practicing what you’ll actually say with your loved ones does matter.

Speak conversational Greek with a dedicated tutor at home or online

Our hand-picked professional tutors are native Greek speakers with a genuine passion to communicate the Greek culture and language. As enthusiastic learners themselves, they are always eager to go the extra mile for you and create a sense of ease and fluency in every aspect of the language learning process.

Don’t you want a friendly tutor who is motivated to discover what matters to you and who’s trained to help you achieve your language aspirations? Our inspirational and open-minded tutors do not believe in a predesigned “correct” method for all learners but reinvent our method for each unique learner.

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Benefit from a unique learning experience with online shared material and interactive tools.
Stay flexible with no cancelation fees and reschedule easily.
Avoid tutor's travel fees and get a discount of more than 20%.
Do more lessons of 75' instead of 1.5h and progress faster.

What our students say

"Language for Life and Business has a unique teaching method which is far more enjoyable and beneficial than simply learning out of a textbook. Although from a Greek father, myself and my sister haven`t learned Greek since we were little and we`ve been amazed at how many conversations we`re already having during the lesson. Thoroughly recommend LL&B!"
H. & R. Vasdekys
"I have been trying to learn Greek for many years but, despite now living in Greece, I had become disappointed with my lack of progress. A friend introduced me to Language for Life & Business, and I was impressed with how quickly they ascertained my level of knowledge. The lessons are varied, enjoyable, informative and (most importantly) tailored to my exact needs. I have no hesitation in recommending LL&B to others who are keen to develop their language skills."
Sarah Callan
"Language for Life and Business is a really good online school for learning a foreign language. They assessed very quickly where the gaps in my knowledge and use of Greek were and structured my lessons to meet my needs, flexibly according to how much homework I have been able to do since the last lesson and delivered always with great humour. A great system, a great teacher."
Roger Blears

Featured in The Guardian

“At home & In the Garden” publication

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“The Travel Checklist” publication

A seamless process to start learning Greek today

“If the violin is the most perfect instrument, the Greek language is the violin of human thought.”
Helen Keller

What our Greek learners think about us

"I took 12 lessons from Language for Life and Business over 6 weeks: a crash course as I knew zero Greek when I started out. Now at the end of those six weeks I can communicate in Greek, understand a fair bit, and even conjugate a few verbs! I know the alphabet and can read and write at a reasonable standard something that was completely alien to me only six weeks ago. My teacher was patient, thorough, and imaginative with a great sense of humour and a real passion for his subject. This meant that I felt supported when I was struggling - often! - but also that I had real fun. He was flexible and accommodating as well as being very organised: the lessons were always structured but with space to explore and be spontaneous so that we might find ourselves looking at Greek culture for example or role playing conversations. I have the greatest respect and gratitude for the hard work LLB put into my learning. I am unbelievably gratified that I can now actually speak some Greek!"
Ashley Horsley
"I have been learning Greek for leisure and pleasure and despite trying different types of lesson in the past, both classroom and individual tutors, I haven’t had any success in finding a method that suited me. Classroom teaching was too impersonal and structured to the needs of a group and individual tutors relied upon working through a grammar text book, which proved to be tedious and not what I was looking for. I primarily want to communicate with locals whilst on holiday in Greece and LLB have managed to devise the lessons around my needs and expectations in a relaxed and enjoyable way. I am truly grateful for the boundless patience of the tutor who has responded at all times to my mood and pace and I finally feel I am making progress. I am delighted to recommend LLB to any prospective student."
Yvonne Lysandrou
"I have tried to learn Greek on several occasions over a number of years but without much success. For the first time I have found a method that works for me and the language 'lightbulb' has finally switched on, without even a flicker, after just the first few lessons. The Language for Life and Business tutor has devised a personal plan catering exactly to what I will be needing on my travels in Greece - for holidays and my work as a journalist. He is also proving very flexible as the lessons progress, in terms of responding to the pace of my learning and the topics I need to cover. The grammar information sheets have been devised in a very clever way, with utmost clarity, to make the complications of this language as straightforward as possible. Finally, I am getting somewhere in my ambition to master this wonderful but sometimes infuriating language! Thank you...."
Carole Dawson Young
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