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Are you ready for a real language adventure?

With its unique writing system, the Japanese language offers an exciting challenge to new learners. By learning through clear and engaging conversations with knowledgeable Japanese tutors, we help you to progress quickly and discover the Japanese language as it is used in real-life.

Unlock Japan’s incomparable cultures, both ancient and modern, through its language. You may already revel in samurai and geisha stories, or enjoy the delights of sushi, sashimi or ramen, but this only scratches the surface of this fascinating culture.

Dive into Japan and its many hidden gifts with Language for Life and Business. Read street signs and menus with confidence and go further as you travel through Tokyo, Kyoto and the dramatic countryside beyond.

Discover Japan’s extraordinary culture and lay effective foundations for mastering this fascinating language with Japanese lessons in London.


Correct. Our tutor will come to your home, office or meet you online for a trial on us.

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Why choose Language for Life and Business?

There are many language schools in London, but none are quite like us.

We believe in helping you learn a language as you’ll use it in real-life.

We help you master the basics quickly while laying the foundations for a lifelong journey into the intricate and beautiful Japanese language.

  • Enjoy one-to-one lessons with knowledgeable, native-speaking Japanese tutors.
  • Option 1: Learn in-person in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your office.
  • Option 2: Meet your tutor online wherever you are.
  • Benefit from up-to-date, relevant materials drawn from real-life Japanese language sources - no boring textbooks!
  • Enjoy a personalised learning plan designed to help you achieve your unique language goals.
  • Learn Japanese through real-life conversations and contexts, so the language you learn is the language you’ll use.
  • Go beyond the language and learn about the culture and etiquette that makes Japan such a fascinating prospect for both holidays and businesses.
  • Discover new eyes on your own world through the Japanese culture.

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Great reasons for learning Japanese

Remove barriers to the world of Japanese business and watch your business prospects rise in the east.
Engage with vibrant, modern Japan – a place of technology, fashion and intriguing sub-cultures.
Enjoy a language adventure that can last a lifetime while mastering the basics quickly.
Explore the meanings behind the beauty of Japanese, experiencing modern literary master Murakami first-hand or your favourite manga comics through their original scripts.
Learn more about the Japanese people and their history to discover how today’s culture is mirrored in its language.
Deepen relationships by learning your Japanese loved ones' mother tongue.

Learn Japanese with Language for Life and Business

Discover the Japanese language through clear and enjoyable lessons with our patient and knowledgeable tutors. One-to-one lessons fit around your busy schedule and allow you to learn at home, at work or online.

Language for Life and Business personalises your learning experience so you’ll learn the language that’s right for you. Learning through real-life conversations, you’ll gain confidence to speak Japanese freely in no time!

Go for Skype Lessons Online

Enjoy one-to-one lessons with your tutor wherever you are.
Learn in a more focused mood at the convenience of your space (whatever you are doing before or after!)
Benefit from a unique learning experience with online shared material and interactive tools.
Stay flexible with no cancelation fees and reschedule easily.
Avoid tutor's travel fees and get a more than 20% discount.
Do more lessons of 75' instead of 1.5h and progress faster.

What our students say

"We have made far more progress than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend Language for Life and Business."
Nancy Hallet
"I’m so pleased to have found Language for Life and Business. The lessons are both well structured and enjoyable so I was able to move onto the next level of my learning and make progress quickly. 100% recommend!"
Jayne Quinton
"A great system, a great teacher."
Roger Blears

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  • An exciting challenge like no other, start your Japanese lessons today!
“Our language is primarily for expressing human goodness and beauty.”
Yasunari Kawabata