Spanish Private Lessons

Learn one-to-one at your home, office or online

Did you know that, after English, Spanish is the second most widely spoken European language in the world?

Whether you daydream about siestas in Zaragoza or mojitos in Mexico City, discover more of the world and holiday like a local with the Spanish language.

Dreaming of more than a Spanish holiday?

Get the first key for your new life in Spain, develop deeper relationships with Spanish loved ones or be more than inquisitive about expanding your business overseas with Spanish lessons in London.

Enjoy unearthing the treasures of Spanish-speaking cultures first-hand. From the fascinating films of Pedro Almodovar and passion of Flamenco to the love poetry of Pablo Neruda and intricate beauty of Gaudi’s cathedral, explore new inspiration of these remarkable cultures.

How far will the Spanish language take you?


Correct. Our tutor will come to your home, office or meet you online for a trial on us.

  • We will contact you on your phone to avoid getting our email lost.
  • We never sell or share your information with anyone else.
  • We will never contact you for anything not related to your lessons.

Why choose Language for Life and Business?

There are many language schools in London, but none are quite like us.

We believe in helping you learn a language as you’ll use it in real-life.

Whether you are looking to chat confidently to Spanish family and friends or benefit from a local’s perspective in Barcelona, we’ll help you learn the Spanish language you’ll actually use.

  • Enjoy one-to-one lessons with friendly, native-speaking Spanish tutors.
  • Option 1: Learn in-person in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your office.
  • Option 2: Meet your tutor online wherever you are.
  • Benefit from up-to-date, relevant materials drawn from real-life Spanish language sources – no more boring textbooks!
  • Enjoy a personalised learning plan designed to help you achieve your unique language goals.
  • Learn Spanish through real-life conversations and contexts, so the language you learn is the language you’ll use.
  • Reach beyond the Spanish language with tutors who go further to give you the tools to enjoy a life with language.

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Great reasons for learning Spanish

Discover more of the world and unearth the treasures only the locals know about on your next Spanish holiday.
Become truly international by growing your business across Europe and the Americas.
Turn your dream of a life or retirement in Spain into your reality.
Feel welcomed into new communities wherever you go with 329 million native Spanish speakers worldwide!
Connect with loved ones and friends by learning their language and unlocking their worlds.
Gain access to rich cultures first-hand and tap into an endless source of diverse inspiration!

Learn Spanish with Language for Life and Business

Discover the Spanish language through stimulating and effective lessons with our patient, hand-picked tutors. One-to-one lessons fit around your busy schedule and allow you learn Spanish at home, at work or online.

Language for Life and Business personalises your learning experience, so you’ll learn the language that’s right for you. Learning through real-life conversations, we’ll help Spanish become a part of your life, so you can look forward to chatting away over a sangria in no time!

Go for Skype Lessons Online

Enjoy one-to-one lessons with your tutor wherever you are.
Learn in a more focused mood at the convenience of your space (whatever you are doing before or after!)
Benefit from a unique learning experience with online shared material and interactive tools.
Stay flexible with no cancelation fees and reschedule easily.
Avoid tutor's travel fees and get a more than 20% discount.
Do more lessons of 75' instead of 1.5h and progress faster.

What our students say

"I have the greatest respect and gratitude for the hard work LL&B put into my learning.”
Ashley Horsley
"I have learnt so much in such a short time; lessons are always enjoyable, dynamic and fun. "
Stephanie Demetriou
"Finally, I am getting somewhere in my language ambition! "
Carole Young

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  • Your lessons will follow a personalised learning plan carefully designed just for you.
  • Make Spanish a part of your life and discover all that a new language can unlock!
“With languages, you are at home anywhere.”
Edmund De Waal